Flash Drive Voice Recorder

  • Functional USB with hidden camera
  • Records audio directly to 8GB built-in storage
  • One-button recording
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Discreetly record conversations with the Flash Drive Voice Recorder. This USB drive has 8GB of built-in storage to save recorded audio and other documents and files. Simply press the recording button to get up to 140 hours of high-quality audio recording. The built-in battery can record continuously for up to 4 hours and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

For personal use, you can use this device to secretly record any conversation. Simply keep it in your pocket, and when the right time comes, push the button to begin recording. Use it to record lectures, meetings, seminars, and more.

As this recorder can be concealed on your person or in any room, it is ideal for professionals such as undercover law enforcement, private investigators, as well as lawyers to help them capture crucial evidence.


  • Records audio directly to 8GB built-in storage
  • One-button recording

Technical Specs

Audio Format WAV
Audio Quality 128 Kbps
Recording Capacity 140 hours
Storage Internal 4GB / 8GB
Battery Life 15 hours
Battery Type Rechargeable Polymer
Battery Voltage 3.7v
Battery Capacity 120 mAh
Weight ½ oz
Dimensions 2½" x 1" x ½"


  • 1 x Voice Recorder USB 4GB
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

Compatible With

  • Windows XP and up
  • Linux

Please note the following:

  • Date/time can only be set on a Windows computer at this time.