8GB USB Voice Recorder

  • Ideal for work or school
  • Records audio directly to the built-in 8GB storage
  • Voice-activated recording or one-button recording modes
  • Functions as a USB drive
  • Loop for lanyard or keychain
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The 8GB USB Voice Recorder lets you discretely record conversations and also functions as a USB drive with 8GB built-in storage. Turn on voice-activated recording to conserve battery and get up to 25 days of standby, or simply press the record button to begin recording instantly. The built-in battery can record continuously for up to 24 hours and saves recordings in MP3 format.

For personal use, you can hang it anywhere or slip it into any pocket to record audio evidence you may require. You can also use it in the office or at school to record notes or interviews for revision later.

Its portability and discreteness make this device an ideal solution for professionals who require reliable covert surveillance such as private investigators or undercover law enforcement. While for business owners or employers, it provides a discrete way to gather evidence on employees if the need ever arises.


  • Voice-activation mode
  • Long-time recording
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Two recording qualities: High Quality and Super High Quality
  • Date and Time stamp
  • Up to 25 day standby time
  • Holds over 250 hours of recordings

Technical Specs

Audio Format MP3
Audio Quality 64 Kbps
Recording Capacity 250 hours
High Quality ~288 hours
Super High Quality ~144 hours
Storage Internal 8GB
Battery Life High Quality: 28 hours continuous recording
Super High Quality: 23 hours continuous recording
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
Battery Voltage 3.7v
Battery Capacity 180 mAh
Voice Detection level 60 dB
Weight 14.7g
Dimensions 2½" x 1" x ½"
Colour Black


  • 1 x 25-Day Standby Voice Recorder 8GB
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

Compatible With

  • Windows XP and up
  • Mac OSX and up
  • Linux

Please note:

The software used for this item is only compatible with the Windows operating system. 

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