Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System

  • Ideal for home or office security
  • Color video displays in 420 TVL resolution with a low light 3 LUX camera and a built-in microphone captures all audio in the area
  • Transmitter uses the 2400MHz (2.4GHz) subchannels to eliminate interference from wireless routers
This product ships with a 110v AC adapter. If outside USA you must use a step down transformer to power this device.
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The HS420D wireless camera features digital technology and boosted range. Use this device for a nanny camera, home or business surveillance, or automobile security. The improved camera features a 1/4" CMOS image sensor as well as a long transmission range of up to 200 meters in open space.

Next-generation digital technology. Digital circuitry ensures no lost video due to external wireless devices such as Wi-Fi and cellular. The transmitter uses the 2400MHz (2.4GHz) subchannels to eliminate interference from wireless routers. The digital nature and manual pairing of the camera and receiver ensure no one will be able to tap into your signal and see your video stream!

Effortless to use. Setting up the camera is effortless. Simply connect the included AC adapter to the camera and attach the wireless receiver to the VCR television or monitor to pair the devices.

Quality audio and video. Color video displays in 420 TVL resolution with a low light 3 LUX camera and a built-in microphone captures all audio in the area.

Easily concealed. Covert video surveillance has never been easier. This device's tiny size makes hiding the camera no problem. Stash it in a plant, book, DVD case, air vent, or automobile. Simply make sure the small lens is facing the video surveillance target. When properly placed, the wide camera angle will give you a complete view of a normal-sized room.

Technical Specs

Receiving Frequency 2400 Hz-2480 Hz
Method of Regulation FSK
Working Temperature -20°C - 60°C
Dimensions 19 x 9.5"
Power DC 5V/800mA
Video System PAL/NTSC
PAL 628 x 582
NTSC 510 x 492
Image Device 1/4" CMOS image sensor
Lens Aperture F/1.2
Horizontal Definition 480 TVL
Minimum Illumination 3 Lux
Open Transmission Distance 656 feet
Transmission Power 17dBm
Receiving Sensitivity up to -85 dBm
Size 106 x 68 x 23 mm
Weight 200g
Power Consumption ~3 Watts


  • 1 x Full Color Miniature 2.4GHz Wireless Video Camera*
  • 1 x Perfectly Matched 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Video Cable For Receiver To VCR/TV Hook Up
  • 2 x AC Adapters (1 for camera, 1 for receiver)

*Please note:

  • Requires RCA VCR or Monitor input.
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