Professional Wide Area Cellphone Bug Detector

  • Counter-surveillance tool to detect bugs in a wide area
  • Accurately detect any cell phone call, text, or data usage in a 20-meter radius
  • Ideal for businesses which would like to scan a large area for bugs
  • Built-in battery back-up
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The Professional Wide Area Cellphone Bug Detector is designed to detect if someone spying on you, invading your privacy, and worst, hacking your sensitive data. If you suspect someone is listening or watching you without your consent, this counter-surveillance tool allows you to detect and counteract spying equipment. Capable of detecting the most common digital cellular frequencies, the unit offers the ability to adjust the antenna sensitivity while either scanning the entire frequency spectrum or simply scanning one spectrum at a time.

For businesses, including certain government agencies and private security firms, a device such as the Professional Wide Area Cellphone Bug Detector is likely necessary. Due to its wide-area coverage, this device is highly useful for business and offices which require counter surveillance security. From office areas with sensitive data to standardized testing or rooms; this device will ensure that there are no covert surveillance tools attempting to obtain your intellectual property which can lead to loss of competitive advantage for your business or jeopardize an investigation in the case of law enforcement.

For personal use, this small investment can provide you with the peace of mind that you are not being tracked, especially if you are working in a profession that deals with sensitive information. Furthermore, users will be able to use earphones for convenient monitoring of the audible alarm feature.


  • 5 specific cellphone frequency antennas
  • Adjustable sensitivity for each frequency band
  • Switch bands on or off
  • Acrylic light display sign
  • Audible alarm with a customizable message
  • Relay output
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Accurately detect any cell phone call, text, or data usage in a 20-meter radius

Technical Specs

Detection Frequencies LATE 700, GSM 850, 3G/CDMA 850, GSM 1900, CDMA 1900
Relay Output NO, COMM, NC
Dimensions 10.8" x 4.1" x 1.5" (does not include antennas)
Acrylic Sign Dimensions 1.5" x 7" x 9"
Weight 3 lbs.
Power Supply 100v - 240v AC to 12v 1.5A
Battery Type Ni-MH
Battery Voltage 9.6v
Battery Capacity 800 mAh
Battery Type Rechargeable
Battery Location  Inside unit 


  • 1 x Cell Detector Pro
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Acrylic desk sign
  • 5 x Antennas
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet
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