1080p Night-Vision Fern Hidden Wi-Fi Camera

  • Secretly record what someone is doing and even listen to what they're saying — day or night — all from the convenience of your smartphone!
  • Includes a FREE 128GB MicroSD Card
  • Night Vision — catch someone in the act even in complete darkness, never worry about not being able to watch the footage because it's too dark
  • Includes iPhone & Android app — remotely control the device from anywhere
  • Remote Live-View — See what's going on in the room anywhere at anytime without having to connect the device to your computer to watch footage
  • Motion Detection Recording — Watch only when you're certain there's activity saving you hours of time sifting through video
  • Records in up to 1080p HD — Make out important details, never miss a thing due to low resolution
  • and much more!
This product operates on 110v. If outside USA you must use a step down transformer to power this device.
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Concerned your child is being abused by a babysitter? Worried an elderly relative is being mistreated by a caretaker? — Or do you simply want to verify your loved ones aren't bringing strangers home while you're away?

If this is you, our Artificial Fern Hidden Night-Vision Wi-Fi Camera is exactly what you need to confirm your suspicions and free yourself of the stress of not knowing.

This device looks like a normal Artificial Fern you'd buy from the store except for one big difference. Inside is a built-in HD Night Vision Hidden Camera that secretly records video & audio, making no strange noises or other signs it's recording and emitting no visible IR rays.The camera lens itself is completely hidden - so they'll never know you're watching them.

Use this hidden camera to verify your child is safe at home, to know if your teen is throwing a house-party while your out of town, or to know what your loved ones are doing while you're not there.

How it works

After plugging in the Floor Fan, and going through the no-hassle setup, the camera — which has a 110° viewing angle ensuring the entire room is recorded — will begin recording.

You can then watch and listen to the video stream straight from your smartphone from anywhere in the world without ever having to touch the device again — it's that easy!

And If you want to save the video to your computer for safekeeping, simply copy the video files from the free 128GB MicroSD card included in the box.

Another powerful feature of this Floor Fan Hidden Camera is it's built in alerts system, which sends you an email or a phone notification when it detects motion — so you always know when you should jump in on the remote view. And if you'd rather not receive notifications, they can easily be switched off.

Finally, because its made in the USA, backed by an unlimited life-time warranty, and comes with complimentary technical support, you never need to worry about your money going to waste with this purchase.

What's in the box

  • Bush Baby Night-Vision Floor Fan Hidden Camera With Hidden Camera
  • 128GB MicroSD Card
  • AC Adapter
  • MicroSD Reader
  • Instruction Booklet


Live-Stream Viewing & Live-Stream Recording

1080p HD        

Recording to MicroSD Card

720p HD    

Control & View from iPhone, Android app


Records Audio

Alerts to Phone & Email

Records to Phone Storage Remotely

Records to External MicroSD Card

Storage Consumption

50 min/GB

Includes Free MicroSD Card?


Max Storage Capacity


Live-Stream Direct To Phone

Playback Remotely Recorded Video on Phone

MicroSD Card Playback

Continuous Recording

Motion Detection Recording

Scheduled Recording

Loop Recording

Viewing Angle


Battery Life


Power Source

AC Adapter

Night Vision Certified?

Up to 25ft

Lux Rating


Ability to Operate in Low Light

Video Format


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