About us

Welcome to the FlexiSPY SPYSHOP!

SPYSHOP is the the latest edition to FlexiSPY's range of monitoring solutions which include Mobile & PC Monitoring Software, and a direct delivery service, FlexiSPY EXPRESS.

How are we different than other spy shops?

Most spy shops operate on the business model of sourcing cheap chinese spy gadgets in bulk, marking them up products and finally selling them on to you with little to no after-sales support.

FlexiSPY SPYSHOP is different.

At SPYSHOP, we source only the highest-quality spy equipment, backed by warranties & after-sales support. Take for example or Bush Baby Wi-Fi 4K line of hidden cameras. These are proudly built in the USA, have an unlimited life time warranty, come with unlimited telephone and email support, and stream in the highest possible quality - 4K HD - to advanced Android and iPhone apps.

So start exploring SPYSHOP today!

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