Magnetic Stash Box


  • 88-Pound Direct Pull Magnetic Force Rating
  • Weatherproof Seal surrounds the perimeter of the lid and body
  • Waterproof IP66 Material
  • Crushproof, Dustproof, Smell proof
  • Matt Proof finish
  • Material: ABS Plastics, suitable for long term protection and surveillance
  • Buoyant
  • Easy-open latch

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Looking for the ultimate stash box to secure and hide your valuables? The Magnetic Stashbox is the best solution to discreetly store your jewelry, keys, meds, cash, stash  or even a GPS tracker!    

Built for toughness, this watertight crushproof box gives you the ability to hide your valuables in places no one will think to look. The powerful dual-magnet and superior 88-pound pull force make it especially useful if you are looking to securely attach a hidden GPS tracker to any car.  

Thanks to its sturdy design, anything you place within will be protected against corrosion and moisture damage, remaining secure even in the worst of weather conditions. Inside, the Magnetic Stash Box is foam-lined with high-quality padding to protect all your valuables.   

Who Needs this?

From protecting your valuables as a heavy-duty storage unit to a covert solution to hide your GPS tracker, this professional-grade Magnetic Stash Box is suitable for several scenarios. 

Hide and store your valuables on-the-go, at work, or at home. The easy-to-open-latch makes these items quickly accessible while the non-shiny, matte finish makes it highly concealable, resulting in a perfect product for private investigators and law enforcement professionals.  

Lastly, the Magnetic Stash Box is an ideal complementary product to our Real-time GPS Tracker