Fuse Box with 1080 Wi-Fi Night Vision Hidden Camera


  • Recommended surveillance unit for warehouses, gardens, doorways
  • Night Vision — record and livestream footage night or day
  • Includes iPhone & Android app — get complete remote control to set up live-streams, alerts, motion detection, and more
  • Remote Live-View — see what is happening anytime, anywhere without having to connect the device to a computer to view footage
  • Motion Detection— set the camera to record only when motion is detected and receive alerts when the feature is triggered
  • Records in up to 1080p HD — make out details clearly, night or day
  • No monthly charges or hidden fees

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Did you know that most factory or warehouse heists are inside jobs? Are you looking to catch perpetrators in the act, or have any reason to monitor and record things happening outside your home or around your business? If so, this discreet hidden camera is an idea choice for if you own a warehouse, office space, or any outdoor setting. 

The Fuse Box with 1080 Wi-Fi Night Vision Hidden Camera is a great choice if you are looking for a discreet way of monitoring a storage or workspace. Superior workmanship allows this camera to hide in plain sight, making it one of the best security cameras available for warehouses. 

Are you a company that has warehouses filled with inventory and assets which need to be secured? 

The Fuse Box with 1080 Wi-Fi Night Vision Hidden Camera perfectly blends in with the natural surroundings of a warehouse environment will capture the activity for proof in crisp, clear & stunning HD quality video. The fact that the camera is so well-hidden means you will be able to catch any perpetrators in the act. This discretion will be even more useful in scenarios where the theft is an inside job, which happens more often than you think.


Setup as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1
Place Indoor Cam on a flat surface or wall and plug it into a standard power outlet.

Step 2
Follow the steps in the app to connect to Wi-Fi.

Step 3
Now you’re ready to protect!

How it works? 

This device conceals a powerful camera with a wide viewing angle of 110º, and it also has 850 nanometer IR lights that are invisible to the human eye. This device can easily be set to record on motion detection, and can alert you when motion is detected through the app or via email. 

A photocell sensor automatically detects when it gets dark, automatically turning to night vision mode, allowing the unit to see up to 20 feet away in the dark!  Simply download the free smartphone app, connect to your Wi-FI, and you can be streaming live video while recording in seconds!