iTrail Solo Personal GPS Tracker


  • Live Portable Tracking with location updates every 30, 60 seconds
  • Ultra-compact design – discretely hide it in a backpack, case, or under the seat of a car
  • Subscription starts at less than a dollar a day. Cancel anytime
  • Battery Operated (14 days @ 1hr/day)
  • Waterproof
  • SOS/Panic button
  • Geo-fencing (arrival & departure) & low battery alerts
  • Alerts are sent via text message (SMS) and email
  • Live share feature
  • Track the target in real-time using a computer browser or through the app (Android/iOS)
  • Unlimited data
  • Free app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Optional Magnet Mount (link to Solo Personal GPS tracker sold with mount page)

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The iTrail Solo Personal GPS Tracker is one of Spyshop’s best-sellers, and for good reason. This light-weight real-time GPS tracker is small enough to be placed into any pocket, purse, backpack, or slipped into any vehicle’s glove compartment and even attached to the undercarriage of a car.

Powered by Verizon and fully integrated with Google Maps, this all-round tracker comes with the exclusive iTrail Live GPS tracking platform available for free from the App Store and Google Play. Alternatively, you can choose to view data and adjust settings on any browser of your choice.

In case of emergencies, the SOS/panic button feature makes it a great choice for parents who are looking for an added security feature beyond just knowing their child’s location. Uses will also be able to set-up important alerts such as Geo-fencing – informing you of when a target enters or leaves an area you define – to be sent directly to your phone or email.

How it Works

  • Open the box and activate the GPS tracker
  • Purchase a subscription plan —Plans are required to use the tracking service and give you unlimited update1s, as well as the ability to generate reports and receive alerts (plans start as low as $24.95/mo). You can cancel your subscription at any time and reactivate again per your needs
  • Charge the tracker— This takes anywhere from 4-6 hours
  • Download the mobile app to receive insights on the move
  • You're ready to track! — Power on the device and place it in your child’s backpack, or under the driver’s seat of a car




Track Anywhere in North & Central America!

Perfect for tracking a person, vehicle, or asset! Get live location and other important data every 10 seconds and keep track of multiple GPS trackers in one dashboard.

Small, Portable

Ultra-compact design goes anywhere covertly - discretely hide it in a backpack, case, under the seat of a car

Durable Battery & Unlimited Data

The 14-hour battery life

Furthermore, any iTrail subscription plan you choose will also provide you with unlimited data.

Geofencing & Alerts

Create zones that will automatically alert you when the GPS tracker enters or leaves areas you specify.

iTrail App

Download the iTrail App free-of-charge on the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to track the target’s whereabouts using any computer browser


Who Needs this?

The iTrail Solo Personal GPS Tracker is ideal for parents, drivers, businesses, and professionals.

  • Parents who would like to monitor their child’s whereabouts
  • Parents with teen drivers who want to be informed about where their child and car is at all times
  • Parents with at-risk teens who wish to know their child’s location on-demand
  • Vehicle owners looking for an affordable yet reliable way to track their car’s location
  • Corporations who are looking to track a company car or employee movement
  • Private investigators and law enforcement for professional use