HD Car Keychain Hidden Camera


  • Looks and feels like a real keychain — they won't know you're recording, you won't get caught
  • Records in 960p HD Video Resolution — make out faces across a room, never miss out on important details
  • Records up to 10 hours of video and has a 2-hour battery life — more potential to gather evidence, less missed opportunity
  • Unlimited Life-Time Warranty and Free Technical support — You'll always be able to use a product you buy at spyshop

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Want to stop your child from being bullied at school? Looking to put an end to your girlfriend or wife being sexually harassed at work? Ever wonder what they say about you when you leave the room?

If the answer is YES, then the Car Keychain with Secret HD Camera is a great way to get the evidence you need to protect the ones you love the most.

The keychain looks and feels like any ordinary keychain, and it makes no sounds or visuals that would tip someone off that you were recording them, so they'll never know. And using it is easy - you do not need to be a technology wizard to use this device - simply push the secret record button on the keychain to start recording video immediately.

When you've recorded the evidence you need, click the button again to save it to the MicroSD card storage, then remove the SD Card and plug it into your computer to playback the captured video. And because the video quality is HD, you'll be able to make out every important detail.

Moreover, if you find you ever need help using this video recorder, we offer free technical phone support to assist you every step of the way, helping you to avoid as much hassle and frustration as possible. And because it's backed with a life-time warranty, if the recorder does malfunction, we will fix it or send you a new one, so there's no risk of being stuck with a product you can't use.

See it in action!

Get the evidence you need to protect the ones you love the most

  1. Is your teen being bullied at school? Give them this keychain recorder so they can secretly record the bully. Once they've gathered the evidence, bring it to the school's guidance counselor to put a stop to the bullying once and for all — No more losing sleep over whether your child is feeling unsafe.
  2. Is your wife being sexually harassed at work? Give this recorder to your wife, and ask her to use it the next time she's being harassed by a co-worker. Once she's recorded the co-workers actions or words, she can then bring the evidence to the boss, and the employee can be let go without your wife having to be involved into any drawn out confrontations or back and forth accusations.
  3. Do you often wonder what people are saying about you when you leave the room? When the person you're in a relationship with asks you to leave the room so they can make a phone call - what are they saying? To get answers, leave the unsuspecting keychain recorder on the dresser to record what they say when you're not there.

    Setup as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Step 1
    Place hidden camera in desired location.

    Step 2
    Turn on and set the recording method to begin recording.

    Step 3
    Save recordings to your computer and watch with your favorite media player.