Air Purifier with 1080 Wi-Fi Night Vision Hidden Camera


  • Fully Functional — This hidden camera is housed inside a fully functional air purifier
  • Night Vision — record and livestream footage 24 hours a day with advanced night vision capabilities
  • Includes iPhone &
  • Android app — get complete remote control to set up live-streams, alerts, motion detection, and more
  • Remote Live-View — see what is happening anytime, anywhere without having to connect the device to a computer to view footage
  • Motion Detection Recording — set the camera to record only when motion is detected
  • Records in up to 1080p HD — make out details clearly, night or day
  • No monthly charges or hidden fees

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Are you a parent looking to keep an eye on your kids or a newly hired babysitter — a business owner looking to keep an eye on employees in the workplace — a private investigator or law enforcement professional looking to gather evidence?

 If any of the above applies to you — hi-tech hidden cameras such as the one inside this functional purifier are a discreet and effective way of getting you the vital information you need. Reveal secrets, get insights into behavior, record the proof you need, all while increasing your home or office security.

This cutting-edge surveillance unit is discreetly housed inside an operational air purifier, making it an ideal surveillance tool for monitoring any space. It secretly records footage without making any sound and does not emit any visible IR rays. Unless the whole device is taken apart, there is no chance of the camera being detected.

Use this hidden camera to check on your child’s safety, monitor employees, and for professional law enforcement and investigative services.



Night Vision — catch someone in the act even in complete darkness up 25ft

Includes iPhone & Android app — remote control and customize settings from anywhere

Remote Live-view — see what is happening a room in real-time

Motion Detection Recording — record and watch only when activity or movement is detected, saving you hours of time sifting through footage

Records in 1080p HD — make out important details, never miss a thing due to low resolution

Free 128GB MicroSD Card

Functional Air Purifier — add a breath of fresh air to any space

110° Viewing Angle — can be placed anywhere to get a good vantage point

How it works?

To get up and running simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet and follow the set-up guide.

The Air Purifier with Wi-Fi Night Vision Hidden Camera can be placed at any vantage point, the 110° viewing angle will enable you to capture important details of most spaces.

It also comes with a free smartphone app that will let you remotely monitor and configure settings. For example, you can choose between continuous, scheduled, or motion detection recording. The last of which is a great security feature and will also save you from having to siphon through hours of footage.

And as the device is AC powered – you will never have to worry about it running out of juice or missing out important footage.